As at 31st December 2019 we have completed the upgrade of the Ladies 5th tee with the exception of a final top dressing. Other tees requiring attention will be done early in 2020.

As reported in our last update we will be trialing a new type of sprinkler head on the 6th green which is expected to be installed 1st week January 2020. Once this is operational we will then carry out a watering profile of the green to see how well this new type of sprinkler works.

We expect to be coring all fairways towards the end of January and then top dressing with Super Phosphate later in March. This should improve the quality of the course even more.

Aeration of the greens is also another priority on our list to try and overcome the moss problems that we have experienced for many years.

Happy New Year to everyone from all the Course Sub Committee.

Dave Hough, Course Convenor.

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