Good morning Members - Corona Virus update 3rd April 2020.

For your information please read the message below from Golf Australia.

It is critical we adhere to these restrictions as much as we can. It is obviously not practical to have a person assigned to the starting hole but if people do the right thing this should not be necessary.

We will continue to allow social play under the restricted guidelines for as long as we can but if the Government decides golf courses have to close then that is what we will do.

Thank you.

Kath Ree


From: Golf Australia

Sent: Thursday, 2 April 2020 12:29 PM

To: Bicheno Golf Club

Subject: *Update* Golf Australia communication regarding COVID-19 for Bicheno Golf Club

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*Update* Golf Australia communication regarding COVID-19 for Bicheno Golf Club

This document has been updated since our last communication, please read this email in its entirety. Dear Tasmanian Golf Clubs and Facilities,

As you are aware, COVID-19 or the Coronavirus as it is more commonly known has created global health concerns regarding the disease and its infection rates.

Golf Australia is writing to provide further assistance and guidance to our clubs and facilities on this important topic.

It is Golf Australia’s recommendation that, based on the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday evening, March 29 that limits outdoor gatherings to two persons or fewer, all golf clubs and facilities should close until further notice.

As of Wednesday, April 1 the Tasmanian State Government has set new regulations around playing golf while strictly adhering to social distancing principles. Along with previous restrictions around social distancing the State Government now has set a limit of 2 people per hole on the golf course. Therefore an 18 hole golf course can have a maximum of 36 people on the course and a 9 hole golf course, a maximum of 18 people on the course at any time.

If Clubs are intending to open, they must consider how they will manage this restriction effectively and implement appropriate measures. Some suggestions include the following; Have a person assigned on the starting hole(s) at all times to ensure that an accurate head count must is maintained. Establish tee times at 15 or 20 minute intervals in groups of two only. Wait until the green has cleared on the first hole before the next group can tee off (if the first hole is a par 4 or 5 this will incur a significant wait which will need to be considered when setting tee time intervals). The Government regulations are very clear that there are to be only “2 people per hole”. Once there are the maximum number of people on the golf course no one else can tee off until a group of two has completed their final hole & left the golf course. Provide written/verbal directions to all golfers prior to tee off and ensure that they understand the strict rules in place. Social golf only, no competitions are to be run. Golf is currently being considered an exercise by the State Government. Strict social distancing measures must be observed at all times (1.5m). No congregations of more that 2 people at any time. Non-compliance of these regulations leaves your club at risk of incurring significant financial penalties imposed by the State Government.

In addition, the Premier also stated that those over the age of 70 should remain at home, that is, don’t play golf.

The Club needs to give this matter careful consideration before opening the golf course.

While this is a difficult time for the golf industry and wider society, Golf Australia is committed to working with clubs and facilities across the state to ensure that we return a vibrant, strong industry.

For further information from the Federal Government on COVID-19, the Coronavirus Health Information Line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 1800 020 080. Golf Australia – staff update:

If you require additional information or have questions please do not hesitate to contact Golf Australia on (03) 9626 5000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kind regards,

Golf Australia

Good morning members - Corona Virus update 30th March 2020

As per the latest social distancing requirements please be advised that playing of golf is restricted to groups of no more than two (2).

Thank you.

Kath Ree


Good morning members - Corona virus update 27th March 2020

“In adherence to social distancing requirements and the latest advice from Golf Australia all competition games at Bicheno Golf Club will be suspended until further notice. You are also advised that the club house will be closed during this time.

You may continue to play social golf in small groups. Please do not meet up with others at the end of your round for a social gathering at the course. Also limit the handling of shared equipment i.e. leave the pin in, use a gloved hand when using ball washers, keep your own sand bucket on your buggy. The toilet on the course will remain available for use and you are reminded to wash your hands with soap if you use the facility.

As previously advised the course will be maintained in good playing condition so you can still enjoy a round of golf. We hope it won’t be long before we can get back to playing golf and enjoying our club as we have done in the past.”

Thank you.

Kath Ree


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